What is Branding?

Four reasons why you need to brand and market YOUR small company

If you have a small business and are ready to take it to next level you need to start branding yourself, yesterday! Not sure it’s for you? I’ve combined a few reasons why you want to start today. Let me know which one applies to you!

What is Branding? Idea Number 1

Branding is a flat-out emotional connection between you and your client.

This means branding creates a feeling your client would get when they see your products or services online or in your store. Branding will help you achieve this.
This emotional connection ends and sales.

  • Want to start now? Try this TASK: Make a list of what emotion(s) you want your customers to have when they see your products/services?
What is Branding? Idea Number 2

You are your brand.

When people see your social media accounts, your website, your business Facebook page they need to instantly know who you are (what you sell, services you offer, style and design that you have on each of your products.) This is what makes up your brand, and this is why I often say you are your brand. It’s what sets you apart from your competition. Doing this in a way, so you’re not just posting things you sell, takes some creativity in branding — but it will pay off!
This connection people feel when they see your items ends in sales.

  • Want to start now? Try this TASK: Make a list of what feeling(s) do you get when you look at your images and posts on social media, your website, Etsy or Facebook store?
What is Branding? Idea Number 3

Clients see your style – your brand – and that will connect them to you.

This connection will show them why they need your product or service. They will be able to visualize how your product or service will fit into their lives.
This relationship you build ends in sales, repeat sales and referrals = triple win!

  • Want to start now? Try this TASK: What can you post that shows your product or service solving a problem for your customer? Or how can you show a fun way your product would be in their life? Maybe stage a pic of an item your selling in a real home looking setting, and not just on your shelf. Brainstorm a few ideas and grab your camera phone NOW!
What is Branding? Idea Number 4

Branding gives you the edge above your competition.

With a firm brand in place, you can market and get your product/service in front of potential clients before, and in a more professional looking ways, than your competition. It gives you credibility over the next company.
This branding strategy ends in sales in today’s online world.

  • Want to start now? Try this TASK: Find other companies larger than you. Follow their blogs and Facebook pages. Check out what posts they have that are doing well. How often do they email followers? Like their Facebook as your company and share one of their posts onto your page. This will help with building your online community.

Are you ready to start Branding today?

Yes? Then I have the workshop for you:

Your Personal Marketing Plan Workshop. A personalized branding and marketing workshop for your small or new business. This group offers one-on-one contact with fellow small and new business owners trying to grow their business on a little to no budget. The real-time steps will help gain followers and increase your website traffic without paying. When you are ready to start running ads, you will learn steps to make them effective.

Logo Branding Checklist ElegantDesigns

Things you’ll learn in the group ….

  • You’ll be happy you won’t be wasting time trying to figure out what to do when.
  • You won’t be spending hours researching; you’ll be spending minutes DOING!
  • You’ll be organized and know how to post to please the Facebook gods that rule your reach.
You have nothing to lose but fans! Join today! Cart opens March 25th and closes April 2nd.

Waiting to join?? YAY! Head over to my Facebook page has lots of tips you can do start using now.

I invite you to follow me on Facebook to learn more about branding your company on a little to budget!

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